Magnetically Me Retreat!

Katie - CEO & Founder Mystical Living


During this expansive weekend retreat you will:

  • Raise your vibration
  • Connect with other Light Leaders
  • Become luminous in your life
  • Powerfully embody your future self
  • Leave confident, knowing your inner truth
  • Unlock new keys with the Law of Resonance & Law of Attraction
  • Elevate your presence and image in the world
  • Awaken to new levels of consciousness
  • Experience divine connection & align with your souls essence
  • Magnetize miracles as you embody your Magnetic Presence

Retreat Itinerary 


  • Opening & Anointing
  • Mind to Heart Practice
  • Visualizing Meditation

Learning & expansion

  • Frequency, color codes and styling overview
  • Answering your mythic call
  • Living your legacy
  • Becoming Divine
  • Activating your Multidimensional Super Powers

Dinner Party adorned as the Divine You!

Nourishing breakfast and lunch

Sacred Shopping

  • Sacred shopping and adorning practice to emanate your vibration!

This in person retreat begins at 1pm Friday May 19th to 2pm Saturday May 2oth in the Boston area, guests are invited to spend the night at my mystical home.  If you would like to gather a group in your city please reach out to katie@mysticalliving.co

About the Vendor



Prior to founding Mystical Living Katie spent 18 years as a Fortune 100 Retail Executive leading large cross-functional teams for global brands.

Today Katie is the Soul Led CEO of Mystical Living, a published co-authored of the best selling book ‘Turning Point – Empowering Stories to Activate the Divine Feminine Within’ and the artist/designer behind her high frequency clothing label Love Lillett.

Katie is passionate about helping her clients to heal their relationship with the hustle by quieting the mind and accessing their next level of self mastery through the heart, so they can experience abundance, create significant impact through their work and feel fulfilled and empowered in all areas of their life.

Above all else, Katie’s clients love working with her because she deeply understands the power of living from the heart and mastery of multidimensional energy – she has powerfully transformed through her own personal, entrepreneurial, leadership & spiritual journey.

“The magic to awaken the divine is simply to turn inward – it all resides in you!” ~ Katie Fink

Details & Care