It’s a lifestyle, a frequency & a movement – trailblazing unity & magnetic expansion for the …

Seekers. Explorers. Mystics. Time-travelers. Sun Gazers. Lightweavers. Freedom Creators. Critical Thinkers. Risk Takers. Change Makers. Tree Huggers. New Earth Luminaries. Wave Chasers. Biohackers. Dot Connectors. Earth Angels. Dreamers. Visionaries. Finders. Doers. Teachers. Artists. Alchemists. Polymaths. Crystalline Lightworkers. Lemurian Birthers. Miracle Makers. Vikings. Healers. & You. Welcome!


magnetically me mentorship

My mentorship is all about becoming magnetic! My clients arrive to this initiatory gateway of transformation when they are stuck in a rut, calling in a level up, ready to step into their purpose, or in need of a complete life overhaul.

Together we will revitalize your spirit, reignite your joy, raise your vibration, unlock your inner truth & tune your channel to the frequency of your desires. You will embody the Magnetically Me™ Mindset – gone are the days of grasping, hustling, pushing.  Now is your time to attract your desires with ease & confidence, while glowing in your full luminosity.


Shop Love lillett

A mystical and meditative clothing line for the Priestesses, Lightweavers, Queens, Goddesses and Mystics to embody and emanate their highest frequency.


Katie Mystical Living
Our Mission

Our lightweaving founder, Katie created Mystical Living to gather everything that spiritually-attuned individuals need to deepen into the mysteries of the universe, all in a welcoming, easy-to-navigate online space.

By connecting people with trusted resources, we take the guesswork out of your awakening.

Katie’s story


our promises


We created an uncensored collective of beginners and lifelong seeks alike, with a common vision to connect, heal and ascend.


Our community reflect a diverse and beautiful human collective. All are welcome here.


Mystical Living exists to connect you with experienced and trusted teachers, brands, and insights that help you create a mystical life.