15 Things to do in Ojai, California

If you’re looking for a mystical destination that is easy to access but feels like you are many miles away from your daily life, look no further than Ojai, California (pronounced Oh-Hi). Nestled in a valley about 70 miles north of Los Angeles, Ojai is the perfect location for a calming weekend getaway.

Ojai is a deeply spiritual town known for being an energy vortex, that is considered a haven for hippies, organic farmers, and residents of Southern California looking for a serene escape in a scenic setting.

15 Things to do in Ojai CA

1. Meditation Mount

For those seeking tranquility and spiritual rejuvenation, Meditation Mount offers breathtaking panoramic views of the Ojai Valley. This serene oasis provides a peaceful space for meditation and reflection. Take a meditative walk through the International Garden of Peace, listen o guided audio meditations on the Universal Principals and Pathways, and relax into a group Creative Meditation to transmit blessings to a world in need. No matter where you are in your journey, simply walking the grounds can provide some peace and tranquility to your weekend escape. Check out our recent blog on Mediation Mount to learn more about what you can expect from a visit here.

Guide to Meditation Mount in Ojai, California

2. Take part in an Olive Oil Tasting

Pay a visit to the Ojai Olive Oil Company where you can sample a number of different olive oil and vinegar flavors made right on the property. For $10 you can build a tray of samples of any flavors you like and enjoy it with some bread in the shade of their two-hundred-year-old olive grove. My personal favorites were the Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil and The Traditional Balsamic Vinegar but they have a number of unique flavors to try and all are delicious!

Ojai olive oil company

3. Stroll the Downtown

Ojai’s quaint downtown is full of all kinds of shops, cafes and restaurants. The downtown area is a great place to grab a coffee and go for a walk, popping in and out of different shops and boutiques.

4. Pick out a book at the world’s largest outdoor bookstore

No visit to Ojai is complete without experiencing the charm a Bart’s Books, a unique outdoor bookstore that features shelves of books placed along the sidewalk. Browse through their diverse selection of titles in a quirky setting and pick out a new (or old) book to get lost in on your vacation.

Things to do in Ojai, California

5. Go for a Hike

Ojai’s location in the valley lends itself to being surrounded by a seemingly infinite number of different trails to explore. Check out the Rose Valley Falls Trail in the Los Padres National Forest (~30 min away from Ojai) or if you want to stay closer to town, spend a morning walking the Shelf Road Trail, a moderately challenging hike that rewards you with panoramic views of the valley and surrounding mountains. If horseback riding is more your thing, there are plenty of trails to ride as well.

6. Dine out at a Farm to Table Restaurant

Ojai is full of wonderful restaurants and farm-to-table food you will have a hard time choosing where to go. For a healthy lunch, check out the Farmer and the Cook and for an extraordinary dinner experience, you can’t go wrong at the Dutchess.

7. Have a drink by a fire pit at the Ojai Valley Inn

Even if you are not staying there, the award winning Ojai Valley Inn is worth a visit to stroll its beautiful grounds or enjoy the restaurants or spa on the property. For an enjoyable evening stop by the fire pits outside and order a cocktail (or mocktail – they had the best mocktail selection I’ve ever seen) and relax.

Things to do in Ojai, California

8. Visit the Farmers Market

Sample fresh organic produce, artisanal foods and handmade crafts at the Ojai Certified Farmers Market. Every Sunday, behind the arcade you can find a wonderful assortment of fresh foods to try there or to pick up for your ride out of Ojai.

9. Wine Tasting

There are a number of laid back and charming wineries and tasting rooms to sample while in Ojai. Downtown you will find tasting rooms for The Ojai Vineyard, Casa Barranca and the Majestic Oak Vineyard. If you want to take a drive slightly out of downtown, I recommend a visit to the Old Creek Ranch Winery where you can do a 6-wine flight and sit outside around a fire pit, picnic table or vine-covered pergola.

10. Relax at the Brewery

The Ojai Valley Brewery is a great place to hang out for an afternoon or evening. With great local beer, live music, fire pits and games, just about anyone can enjoy themselves here!

11. Walk or Bike the Ojai Valley Bike Trail

The Ojai Valley Bike Trail is a 9 mile trail that runs in parallel to Highway 33 from West Ventura to Soule Park in Ojai. You can take a leisurely bike ride or use the trail as an alternate walking route when walking to any destination in town.

12. Chill out at the Spa

Ojai is full of places for relaxation and rejuvenation but the Spa at the Ojai Valley Inn is the place to go for a day of indulgence.

13. Visit the Ojai Valley Museum

Stop by the Ojai Valley Museum to learn about the valley through their history, art and culture. The museum can be found on the main stretch of the walkable downtown and is worth a stop to learn what makes the Ojai Valley so special.

14. Witness the “Pink Moment”

Don’t miss out on experiencing Ojai’s magical “Pink Moment.” During sunset, the surrounding mountains take on a rosy hue, creating a breathtaking and unforgettable spectacle.

15. Sleep in an Airstream

If you want a more unique accommodation, the Caravan Outpost allows you to “glamp” in a well-decorated and fully stocked airstream, just a few minutes walk from downtown. The property has everything you need to enjoy your weekend away and each airstream is private enough to feel like you are truly off on an adventure while having all of the amenities that you crave on a weekend getaway.

Things to do in Ojai, California

Before you head off on your long weekend make sure to check our our travel tips for health HERE.


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