FOLLOWING MY INNHER VOICE … lead me to becoming an author…

Hello Beautiful!

I am SO excited because my new book is available today! 

FOLLOWING MY INNHER VOICE … lead me to becoming an author…

Over the past 6 months, I’ve been working on a collaborative book published by my dear friend and Priestess SiSTAR Astara through her publishing house ~ Flower of Life Press called, “Turning Point: Empowering Stories to Activate the Divine Feminine Within.”  

You can purchase the book and leave your review here: [Amazon link here]

The raw and real stories in this book will allow you to slow down and stop for a moment to listen within and remember your TRUE nature and that, ultimately, we are NEVER alone. 

 Each author also offers a free gift so you can deepen with the material.

 This is my sacred work, and I am thrilled to be stepping forward to share it with the world at this time. 

 Get your copy here: [link here]

I can’t wait to hear what you think about my story. Thank you so much for your support—and for leaving a review on our Amazon page!

Sending you love & blessings! 

p.s. I’d really appreciate it if you’d share this beautiful collection of divinely feminine writings with your community, family, and friends.  

It will allow our book to achieve a higher ranking on Amazon and be made available to more people who can really use this personal transformation! (And, it makes a great gift during this 2022 holiday season!)

Sharing another excerpt from my chapter …

‘The house was on a pristine pond in a quaint New England town. The location was perfect on paper, but in reality, the home’s glory days were far behind it, physically crumbling and in need of an abundance of renovations.

As I drove up the long driveway to our new house, something felt off inside my body. Leading up to this move, I had felt it over and over. I knew that this new home was not going to cure this sickening feeling inside my body, but I continued to hope that my InnHer voice was wrong. “It’s going to be great,” I reasoned with myself. I wanted to believe my own self-talk, but my body felt the urge to turn the car around and unwind this new home purchase.

This was only the beginning of the crumbling.

Pulling up to the house, I was met by the former owner, charging toward me and screaming with rage, “This is not your house. Get out. Get out. Get out.” How I wished I had listened to my voice’s message in the months that followed. Leading up to the signing of the purchase and sales statement, my InnHer voice gave me countless opportunities to exit the deal, but I kept pushing her aside.’

Turning Point Kati Fink | FOLLOWING MY INNHER VOICE lead me to becoming an author

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