Magnetically me


My mentorship is all about becoming magnetic! My clients arrive to this gateway of transformation when they are stuck in a rut, calling in a level up, ready to step into their purpose, or in need of a complete life overhaul.

A mystical life is available to YOU and it requires change, transformation & continually leveling up – you are here to GROW & MAGNETIZE ABUNDANCE!

Together we will revitalize your spirit, reignite your joy, raise your vibration, unlock your inner truth & tune your channel to the frequency of your desires. You will embody the Magnetically Me Mindset – gone are the days of grasping, hustling, pushing. Now is your time to attract your desires with ease & confidence, while glowing in your full luminosity.



It’s easy to settle into old patterns of boredom and familiarity.  Have you reached a time in your life where you have a profound urge to step fully into your truth?  Now is your time to feel alive, live your divine purpose & create your legacy!   Honor yourself with openness to new possibilities as you awaken the divine you & embody the full luminosity of your multidimensional highest self!   It is from this place you develop intimacy with the magical wisdom of your heart. 


in a nutshell … my work is about change

When we live in a state of stress, fear, worry, stagnation with negative self-talk our DNA tightens and remains dormant. 

Together we will expand your consciousness to a higher state, as you experience more gratitude, joy, love and bliss your DNA relaxes, you are granted access to more of your genetic expression and in this state are available to create meaningful change and magnetize miracles into your life.  

it’s time to …

Quit fearing your highest potential, eliminate worry of other people’s judgements & claim your divine sovereign power as a Light Leader & authority in your field. It is time for YOU to magnetize exponential abundance assisting the collective & sharing fearlessly from a place of rooted security, blessing everyone in your field.


Magnetically me

mentorship PACKAGES

When I reflect on my greatest teachers they were understandable & repeatable – I was clear on what they were saying and how to repeat & implement what I learned.  My goal is to provide you with understandable & repeatable wisdom.  Here is how I mentor, we drop into empty Presence, take an elevator ride from your mind (human self) into your heart (divine self) to unlock the new frequency/energy you are stepping into, then we will develop clear actions for you to move forward.


VIP – In person

Ideal for the time starved, WHO ARE experiencing:

  • On the edge of burnout
  • Depleted and in need of nourishment
  • Embarking on uncomfortable but needed shifts
  • Called to step into a new version of you
  • 1 x 60 minute online prep session
  • Full in person day with lunch
  •  Voxer support M-F for 1 month thereafter to integrate



Excellent for life changes, which may include:

  • In a funk and don’t know why
  • Shifting into new habits/rituals
  • You are indecisive or unclear and need to make a decision
  • You need a mentor to help you get unstuck, you’ve hit a wall
  • In need of support to up-level your presence, vision, communication
  • Bi-weekly Sessions
  • Voxer support M-F




  • Navigating endings/beginnings of relationships, jobs, patterns
  • Changes to your family structure
  • Called to step into your psychic gifts
  • Ready to share your voice with momentum to inspire
  • Align with your true purpose 
  • Lost & unclear on what the next step looks like
  • Bi-weekly Sessions
  • Voxer support M-F

Leave the hustle,

magnetize your dream life



  • Quiet the mind (human self), access your heart (divine self)
  • Shift your frequency into higher states
  • Quit fearing change & take action 
  • Take self responsibility for your life
  • Accelerate into an easier way to prosperity and alignment
  • Move through roadblocks faster and more efficiently
  • Shine your light & with magnetic presence

Live a mystical life of meaning,
empowerment and abundance is available to you, and … change is a necessary part of expansion

Being truly alive is a gift. When you give to yourself and others from a place of nourishment, you can change the world. Together we will strengthen your connection to your inner wisdom and heart’s desires.

I know change can be deeply uncomfortable.  I spent 18 years as a Fortune 100 Retail Executive leading large cross-functional teams for global brands and implemented a whole lot of change along the way.  This was good and secure work, but I had this nagging feeling that my life should be more than good, I sensed in my heart GREATNESS was available to me and while the thought of change was overwhelmingly scary, what was even scarier was not experiencing greatness, not creating a legacy, staying dim & stagnant.  Perhaps you know this feeling too?

So, I decided to change my frequency and I changed my life.  After decades of exploring the mysteries of the Universe I understood The Law of Resonance and knew I was vibrating at a frequency that no longer felt aligned – this frequency was good, but I was ready for GREAT — I was ready to GLOW!  I raised my vibration & tuned into a whole new radio station that resonated with the frequency of my desires and I learned greatness was in fact available to me and my glow became magnetic.  Once we are resonating at a new frequency, then the Law of Attraction can get to work – resulting in the transmutation of energy from the divine, producing outcomes in the physical (3d).  Now I am deeply called (obsessed) to share this magic with you, because you deserve GREAT and the world needs you glowing in your full luminosity!

private mentorship may be for you if you:

  • are ready to step deeper into your purpose
  • have a desire to step out of what is comfortable & familiar into new way of living
  • believe you are meant for something more in life
  • are living in a constant state of depletion and need a vacation to feel yourself
  • feel ready to live a mystical life, full of abundance, pleasure and exploration


you’ll learn how to:

move from depleted to nourished

live from your heart

accelerate into alignment

take self responsibility for your life

shine your light brighter

live with overflow to give

A message from Katie

My why for Private Mentorship is my desire to share with you the life-altering wisdom that’s been imparted to me on my own journey of exploring the mysteries of the Universe and creating meaningful change in my own journey in order to live a mystical life by my design. Through Private Mentorship, my high frequency encoded clothing line Love Lillett, and free content on IG @iamkatiefink I am able to offer many ways to deepen together, so you too may raise your frequency, create meaningful change and live a mystical life!

Here’s a glimpse into my story.

I was depleted — a broken body, foggy mind and disconnected soul. I prayed for a new path & received wisdom through teachers and guides showing up in my life with divine timing — when the student is ready, the teacher always appears. Through this journey, I learned to follow my InnHer voice toward a deeper truth: that integrity is worth more than acceptance.

As I shifted my priorities from my head to my heart, it wasn’t always comfortable. But the discomfort of growth was far more pleasurable than the staleness of stagnation. One by one, core elements of my life began to fall away: first my marriage and then leaving behind the hustle of corporate success to embrace a newfound flow and freedom. All of this felt at odds with society’s expectations of me and yet the depths of my being assured me that my inner guidance is true and wise and fully trustworthy.

Today I am deeply nourished by the knowledge that trusting my InnHer voice brings me the abundance that is my birthright.

I feel that I am truly living, and I embrace the InnHer call to light the path for you. As I live my mystical life co-created by my own design, I’m delighted to walk with you on your own transformational journey, where you can weave all of your parts back together.

With love, K



There is no such thing as a problem without a gift in its hands for you