Brand Strategy Workbook for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Magnetic Boss Studio


Cultivate an authentic brand that magnetizes your soulmate clients. Before you dive into the aesthetics of your brand, it’s essential to understand what your brand strategy is. In this workbook, you’ll find exercises and prompts to help you find clarity on your unique brand strategy. Enjoy!

About the Vendor

I'm Calandra, your intuitive brand designer!

Five years ago I started my online business helping entrepreneurs just like you stand out in the online space.

I didn’t always have a cohesive brand myself, in fact, I started out throwing spaghetti at the wall in all areas of my business...

Once I was able to cultivate a personal brand that finally felt good and brought me boatloads of clients that I adore working with, I became obsessed with helping other spiritual entrepreneurs do the same!

It is my mission to help you understand and experience the power of creating an iconic brand.

And the good news? You don’t have to do it alone! 

I absolutely love taking the weight of branding and design off your shoulders and giving you the “f**k YES!” (Truly, these were the exact words spoken by one of my favorite clients.) feeling in your business.

Once you are squealing with excitement when you glance at the deliverables I’ve sent you, I know I’ve done it again!

I can’t wait to help you establish your magnetic brand!

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