Cerrado Leaves (Cascade) Earrings

CARLA SHAW Sustainable Fashion


The Brazilian Cerrado leaf is unique to a vast tropical savanna ecoregion in Brazil.  The intricate texture of the leaf is accentuated through a dehydration process which, when dipped in 18-karat gold, creates a piece full of movement, light and beauty.

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About the Vendor

CARLA SHAW Sustainable Fashion is a bio-jewelry line made with real plants, which are naturally dehydrated and coated in layers of 18-karat gold.  The production of the pieces uses responsible sourcing practices and sustainable materials – having a minimal impact on the environment. It is also important to note that the entire collection is vegan; some of the pieces are complemented by cords of vegetable suede or cotton yard.

Details & Care

Measurements: Leaves approx. 2.5″ h (total 3.5″)