Sempre Viva Earrings

CARLA SHAW Sustainable Fashion


These little evergreen flowers stand out for their beauty, simplicity and resistance to time. Harvested in the Brazilian Savannah region for centuries, these mini flowers do not lose their shape and color even after being picked inspiring their given name, Sempre Viva (Forever Alive). They have also inspired many legends and symbolisms and represent youth, and the power of beauty that resists and wins the battle against time and change.

Measurements: Approx. ½”

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About the Vendor

CARLA SHAW Sustainable Fashion is a bio-jewelry line made with real plants, which are naturally dehydrated and coated in layers of 18-karat gold.  The production of the pieces uses responsible sourcing practices and sustainable materials – having a minimal impact on the environment. It is also important to note that the entire collection is vegan; some of the pieces are complemented by cords of vegetable suede or cotton yard.

Details & Care

Golden Rules:

  • Avoid exposing your jewelry to chlorine or salt water.
  • Wipe down your jewelry using a soft cloth as needed.
  • Keep your jewelry stored in separate pouches/soft bags (provided with your purchase).