The Emerald of Prosperity Mystic Robe

Katie - CEO & Founder Mystical Living

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The Mystic Robe holds The Emerald Frequency of Prosperity, the embedded light codes will enhance your energetic field and all those you touch. This alchemical artwork holds the vibration of Avalon, The White & Red Springs and Galbanum, the Light Bearer Oil.

May you glow in your full luminosity and emanate your highest self as the sacred geometry, light language, color codes & alchemical symbols activate a bridge between you and the divine!

To deepen with your adornment, consider that geometry is about the raising of resolution and coherence to alchemically raise our frequency. As a student of Frequency, geometry has unlocked so much for me and it will for you too, as you mediate with, wear and embody the frequency of your Love Lillett adornments. Geometry is like a non-linear walkie talkie to the divine. As I work with clients we empty the mind, tap into the heart and use sacred geometry as a bridge to connect with the divine! Love Lillett works in this same way – it is highly encoded with geometry to create a bridge with ease for those that adorn themselves in these high frequency codes!


Please share your experience @love.lillett – I am de-lighted (in the light) for you and all those you touch! Stay Golden Sunshine, K

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About the Vendor

Prior to becoming a Frequency Strategist Katie spent 18 years as a Fortune 100 Retail Executive leading large cross-functional teams for global brands.

Today Katie is the Soul Lead CEO of Mind Body Soul Market, a published co-authored of the best selling book ‘Turning Point – Empowering Stories to Activate the Divine Feminine Within’ and the artist/designer behind her high frequency clothing label Love Lillett.

Katie is passionate about helping her clients to heal their relationship with the hustle by quieting the mind and accessing their next level of self mastery through the heart, so they can experience abundance, create significant impact through their work and feel fulfilled and empowered in all areas of their life.

Above all else, Katie’s clients love working with her because she deeply understands the power of living from the heart and mastery of energy, she has powerfully transformed through her own personal, entrepreneurial & leadership journey.

Details & Care


Made in the USA of imported fabrics. Belt not included.

Fabric: 100% SILK

Instructions: DRY CLEAN ONLY