The New Marriage Paradigm

When’s the last time you looked under the hood of your marriage? 

The New Marriage Paradigm

The New Marriage Paradigm

If someone were to ask you how your marriage is, how would you respond? For many of us, the answer would be “fine” or “ok”. And it seems our culture has really normalized having a mediocre marriage while making having “marriage problems” taboo.

Wouldn’t you love to respond that your marriage felt HOT, nourishing, romantic, inspiring, FUN, adventurous, and soulful? 

My friend Sarah Jenks, life coach and spiritual mentor, and her husband Dr. Jonathan Brajtbord get it. After 10 years of marriage with many ups and downs, they’ve created a marriage course that you can complete in just 6 weeks! They designed this course specifically for the growth oriented woman who is married to a growth resistant partner. 

So if you’re finding yourself constantly frustrated that your partner won’t show up and do the inner work required to have a great relationship… 

….or you’re worried that at some point if your partner doesn’t start working on themselves, that you’re going to outgrow them…

…. Or if you’re realizing that your partner’s “coach” isn’t doing wonders for your sex life.

I hope you’ll take the time to see if Modern Marriage is the right fit for you two.

Modern Marriage supports couples in creating really clear agreements on what marriage is and a more equitable division of labor.

You can find romance despite the incredible responsibility of being a parent. You can find passion when you have to show up the next day and pay the bills together. You can have a fun, incredible, playful life while building wealth and leaving a legacy for your children!!

Even better? With their support, you’ll be on your way to feeling free to be yourself and have more love and passion than you thought was possible in just weeks.

You are an amazing person, you are showing up for yourself, doing the hard work healing your wounds, stretching yourself and creating an incredible life. A woman like you deserves an epic marriage.

Ready to modernize your marriage? Join here

Modern Marriage Sarah Jenks

a bit about Sarah Jenks

It’s gonna be hard to sum up the brilliance of Sarah Jenks in one post, but I’ll try. Sarah is a life coach, mom of three, and people-pleaser-turned-world-changer. Her programs help women + non-binary folks discover their Divine Feminine selves, transform their relationships, and write their own stories. I recommend *everything* she does, but I’ll give you two specific recs to start with: Whole Woman and Modern Marriage. Whole Woman is part tell-it-like-it-is life guidance, part sacred feminine mystery school, part support group. Inside the program, you’ll break up with patriarchal brainwashing and do deep inner work to cultivate a sacred life. Modern Marriage (taught by Sarah and her husband, Dr. Jonathan Brajtbord) is for any couple who’s traded in date nights and sultry looks for laundry and logistics. In this 4-week course, you and your partner will discuss responsibilities, personal growth, goals, money, sex, parenting and romance so you can reclaim your marriage, get on the same page and fall in love again.


I’m a very proud affiliate of Modern Marriage. I love this course and I believe in the mission wholeheartedly (I’ve taken the course as a single woman to prepare for my next relationship… that’s how much I am a believer). As an affiliate, I may earn a referral fee if you sign up for the course from the link above.

~Katie Rose


Katie Fink

Katie wasn’t always spiritually awake. She has spent 17 years as a corporate entrepreneur at a Fortune 100 retailer, but career success and a picture perfect life doesn’t always translate into a thriving soul.

A grueling schedule, amazing young kids, the family disease of addiction, the ending of a marriage and a habit of putting everyone else’s needs above her own left her with a broken body, a foggy mind, and a disconnected soul.

She vividly remembers the day she surrendered it all and asked the universe for help. Her answer came in the form of a local women’s circle. That’s where Katie’s path to wholeness began.

Those first steps felt unfamiliar and intimidating. As she became more experienced in the worlds of reiki, astrology, women’s circles, feng shui, crystalline DNA and other spiritual wellness practices, she learned how to nourish herself back to wholeness by tuning inward and became the person that her friends and colleagues came to when they were ready to dip their toes into the mysteries of the universe and manifest their future realities in the quantum.

After a decade of learning, Katie’s guides showed her the vision for Mind Body Soul Market: a welcoming, and uncensored space for healing, nourishment, and growth. In that moment, she knew that her purpose was to provide others with easy access to trusted brands and experts, so they could begin their own awakening & reconnect to source.


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