What Is A Light Angel?

This past year has been a transformative journey, and has ultimately resulted in the creation of my dream: Mystical Living. It was on this journey to my truth that I first came to experience light angels.

What Is A Light Angel?

I had, of course, heard of angels before then. But, they were merely fairytale figures with feathered wings. I had a symbolic connection to angels, through my Grandma. She used to gift me angels when she was alive and while she has left her physical body, they remain a symbol of connection between us. Truly experiencing the angelic presence didn’t happen, until I finally let go of doubt, changed my frequency and my life, and allowed myself to experience a connection like never before. 

In my own experiences with light energy and light angels, I discovered a desire to share my knowledge with others. The connection I have with my light angels has guided me through different experiences and supported me during the toughest of times. 

So, in a message to you fully encoded in light and love, I’m dedicating this post to sharing what I know about light angels and why I think they can have a significant impact on your life. 

What Is A Light Angel?

What Is A Light Angel?

A light angel is a type of guardian angel that is brings light and positivity into people’s lives. Angels of light aren’t limited by a specific religion or belief system. They go so far beyond that.

I believe that light angels present themselves to people in times of need, to help guide them, comfort them, bring them joy, and protect them from harm. Light angels are often seen as messengers of hope and love, providing encouragement and support to those who need it.

There are different ways you can tell that a light angel is around you. People experience these signs differently, but one thing remains the same for everyone: the more open you are to receiving these signs, the more connections you will experience. You need to believe it, to see it.

Some of the signs that a light angel is near include an evocative scent, flashes of light, a rainbow in the sky, a sudden temperature change, orbs in a photo, wings of light, an intense physical sensation, or a meaningful dream. Although the signs are not limited to just these. I have some truly angelic orb photos, which are shared throughout this post. Other times they show up as Earth Angels, landing in our lives at the perfect moment.

How Do Light Angels Support Us
How Do Light Angels Support Us?

Light angels can be called upon for assistance in times of need, providing guidance and comfort to those who are going through difficult times. They can also be called upon to help manifest positive energy and bring about positive change. 

How To Connect With Your Light Angel

Light angels help us strengthen relationships, improve health, increase self-confidence, and bring about abundance. And I believe that when one calls upon a light angel for help, a positive shift will occur in their life, as I have experienced the benefits for myself time and time again.

How To Connect With Your Light Angel 

There are many different ways to connect with your light angel. Some people experience a connection through prayer or meditation, or spending time in nature, while others create a sacred space to open themselves up to receiving guidance from their angel. 

Here are some ways to open your heart and mind to your light angel.

Establish Your Sacred Place

For some, getting in touch with your light angels can be as simple as taking the time to be still and mindful. Find a quiet space where you can be still and listen to your intuition. Fill that space with items like candles (I recommend the Protection Intention Soy Candle), crystals, sprays, photos, essential oils, or figurines to deepen your connection. Set an intention, Angel of Light please be with me now. Then, open your mind and heart to your light angel and welcome the thoughts, ideas, and signs that you receive during this time. 

Whenever you can, consider creating a sacred space outdoors. Nature is a powerful source of energy that can help you feel more connected to your angel. 

sacred space outdoors


Prayer can help to open your heart and mind to your light angel’s love and guidance. Almost like creating a channel of communication. Praying for guidance with intention can help you to feel your light angel’s presence, as well as give you peace of mind and clarity. 

pray to open your heart and mind


Meditation can also help to create a deeper connection to your angel. Taking a few moments to be still, quiet, and mindful can help to ignite your intuition and make it easier to receive guidance from your angel.

Practice Gratitude

Practicing gratitude can raise your frequency and open your heart to receiving guidance from your angels. Taking the time to be thankful for all of the blessings in your life can help you to feel more connected to your angels, as well as recognize the signs and the guidance your angel has given you over time. 

Get In Tune With Your Senses

Get In Tune With Your Senses

Being in tune with your senses is one of the best ways to create moments of connection with your light angel. Pay attention to any seemingly random, intense emotion or physical sensation. It could be your light angel connecting with you. 

Some people experience a sudden chill or feel a light breeze. Others feel an intense sense of comfort and support come over them. If your intuition is calling your name, listen.

A light angel can provide guidance and comfort in times when you need it the most.

Even if you’ve never had an experience with a light angel before, it’s never too late to open yourself up to new connections. I hope this post has encouraged you to be more open to these new and unique experiences, so that you may benefit from their divine intervention and enlightenment.

light angel experience

If you’re in search of further guidance, check out the chapter I wrote in the book “Turning Point: Empowering Stories to Activate the Divine Feminine Within.” And if your frequency is telling you it’s time for change but you’re not sure where to start, reach out to me. Let’s change your frequency and your life together. 

You can also find more ways to get in touch with your inner-self and improve your spiritual wellness on my blog. See you there!


Katie Fink

Prior to becoming a Frequency Strategist Katie spent 18 years as a Fortune 100 Retail Executive leading large cross-functional teams for global brands.

Today Katie is the Soul Lead CEO of Mind Body Soul Market, a published co-authored of the best selling book ‘Turning Point – Empowering Stories to Activate the Divine Feminine Within’ and the artist/designer behind her high frequency clothing label Love Lillett.

Katie is passionate about helping her clients to heal their relationship with the hustle by quieting the mind and accessing their next level of self mastery through the heart, so they can experience abundance, create significant impact through their work and feel fulfilled and empowered in all areas of their life.

Above all else, Katie’s clients love working with her because she deeply understands the power of living from the heart and mastery of energy, she has powerfully transformed through her own personal, entrepreneurial & leadership journey.

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